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Our Philosophy

Frumbiti Restaurant is a restaurant located in the heart of Torshavn, with a focus on local and traditional ingredients, with a modern approach. Contact with both the supplier and distributor is crucial for our restaurant, as we believe, in order to provide a service which means something, a service with personality, you need to first know the story.

We believe in keeping true to the original ideals and practices of the Faroese people, reading into tradition and communicating with the locals in order to better understand the environment we are in. As a result of this, through modern techniques and approaches we can cultivate the original method into a modern experience.

In the Kitchen we focus on Locality, Quality and Creativity. We think outside the original framework of ideas, outside the original sets of rules, in order to push the ingredients and the recipes as far as they can go. The purpose of this is to create new memories and experiences for the local people, seeing ingredients they have known their whole lives transformed into something special, something memorable and most importantly something they will come back for. The focus will always be, similar to what is was in the beginning, creating food and experiences from the ground up. Being reliant on ourselves, trusting our own skills, our own experiences, instead of relying on others to bring the finished product to us. Hand crafting food from its original form into a taste sensation all of its own, reimagining traditional techniques of Salting, Drying, Fermenting and Smoking, and pushing them onto flavours and ingredients not previously thought of.

In the Dining Room we will focus again on the Original way of eating, that is a community, a group of friends or family sharing a meal. The guests will have the option to eat as their ancestors did, with the meal placed in the middle of the table, where guest can help themselves and each other to the offering. It should take us away from modern convinces and back to the heart of what a good meal is, Good Food, Good Drinks and Good Company. We want to take people away from formalities and instead present an offering that is relaxed and can be enjoyed and shared with the people around you. Invoking conversation and a sense of community just like it was always meant to be, sharing stories and experiences of great food and beverages.

To take the experience further, we will offer the “Chefs Choice” Menu. This is a menu handcrafted daily by the chef, it is composed of the best ingredients that can be sourced that day, and is a way for the chef and the kitchen to express themselves. The guest should be able to have a conversation with the chef through the Chefs Choice, they should see how he is feeling that day, and feel a sense of connection with the chef through the six dishes presented. Guests should select this menu and share the experience of looking through the eyes of the chef together, this should bring a sense of connection to what is being offered, not just with the chef but also with each other and what they have experienced with the ingredients being presented.

Our final focus, will be on affordability. In a world were going out to eat can seem a luxury, Frumbiti Restaurant will separate itself from the market by making itself accessible to everyone. We will offer a high quality experience at a price in which middle class citizens can afford and keep coming back too. The act of sharing food and experiences should not be expensive and it should be an experience that is looked forward upon as apposed to regretted after. Frumbiti is for the community and everyone to share and enjoy.